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Be Excellent, Accept Nothing Less, Have Fun!

We've been saying that for years. There's a lot to be gained from pushing past the boundaries. .

At LA Interactive being excellent means working through an entire problem from every angle, understanding the issues, and providing world class solutions to each client who walks through our doors.

Explore our site to see how we can help you increase customer acquisition and retention through the use of design, technology and brainpower.

We build success right into your business.

Digital Development

Technology isn't a hurdle

Whether you're looking to make a statement online or in the board room, our team will provide you with the best technical resources available. From data aggregation and management to website production and optimization, we've done it all.

Combining a technology-independent philosophy with a results-driven, flexible development methodology, we can implement your vision quickly and cleanly in just about any environment.

Our Skills

We are pretty handy at digital

Digital Development encompasses may different facets of technology, design and marketing know-how.

Help us narrow the conversation by focusing your project's particulars.Who am I trying to reach? How will my audience use this new tool? Which of my other marketing efforts will I use to promote it? Do I have any special technical criteria? Will I need to manage my own content?

Not to worry. We have the skills to not only construct your compelling website, but to market it as well. We use the latest advances in web technology to ensure positive answers to these questions.







Twitter Bootstrap


UI/UX innovation


Web architecture


Meet the team

We have a great team

At LA Interactive, our belief is ... "You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so let us help ensure you look your best." LA Interactive is small enough to care about you and large enough to handle any client need. Thus, you can rest assured that your projects will always get done perfectly and on time.

Well, we're a small team, but after designing and developing over 100 web sites in the past decade, you've gotta believe that we know what we're doing.

When it comes to the web, you can bet we've seen it, heard it and done most all of it. We're not a one-man outfit that promises the world and falls short on delivery, (like a lot of other options that may be out there).

We've got someone on our team that can fit into every virtual nook and cranny of the web design and production process. Go ahead, throw it at us; we'll catch it, make it look great, make it work better and then throw it back at you curve-style.

Larry Ashkenas President & Managing Partner Larry is the founder of LA Interactive and its namesake. Larry is a programmer, application specialist and web designer.

He possesses experience with UI and UX interfaces, web prototyping, back-end systems and component integration for interactive web systems designed for e-commerce, content management and distribution.
Bill Mee Co-Founder,Partner, Software engineering Bill has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics. He loves to tinker around with circuit boards. He has a very broad background in financial and business applications and is a first-rate ColdFusion programmer.

Bill has extraordinary understanding of web technologies and software interfaces.
Rita Durst Business Manager Rita comes to LA Interactive with a proven track record of excellent communication skills and the ability to present results in a clear and actionable format.

She has extensive knowledge of planning & coordinating operating policies and procedures. Without Rita, LA Interactive would not run very efficiently.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

... Coco Chanel

Do not give up

the beginning is always the hardest.



Not just websites... web applications.

We are thought leaders in creating an entirely new user experience through emerging technologies of jQuery and responsive platforms. We offer a high level of interactivity that one might find in complex back-end applications.

Below you will find some of our core competencies. We are accomplished programmers and competent designers; imaginative problem solvers and tech junkies. We encourage you learn more about how LA Interactive can be instrumental in achieving your next set of application goals by contacting us today.

Gathering Requirements

Strategy & Planning

Planning Navigation

Designing the Database Schema

Coding and Implementation

We Create Experiences.

Websites are a critical asset of our clients' businesses. We have an experienced and dedicated team focused on creating effective sites on the web. Our capabilities range from e-commerce, data-driven websites and applications to Responsive Web Design to strong admin sites that manage a company's operations; all with a bleeding edge functionality.

The future is here HTML5

HTML5, which will power the next generation of websites and smartphone apps, is now complete. NEW YORK (CNNMoney). The tool that promises to launch the next era of websites, smartphone apps and online video is finally finished.

HTML5, the long-in-the-works update to the language that powers the Web, is "feature complete," according to an announcement made Monday by the standards-setting Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C).

There's still some testing to be done, and it hasn't yet become an official Web standard -- that will come in 2014. But there won't be any new features added to HTML5, which means Web designers and app makers now have a "stable target" for implementing it, W3C said.

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Data-Driven E-commerce

EvictionsPRO.com is the first website offering a complete D-I-Y evictions process. The back-end of the site allows users to prepare all the documents required, simply by answering questions presented in a "smart" Wizard.

This e-commerce site also features a unique document assembly approach, one of the most difficult things to get right in web applications. Register for free to see the real power of the dynamic back-end.



John Leaman's Anesthesia Lounge is a beautiful testimonial to a great Jazz Musician. The site features, photos, discography and of course John's music. John is also featured in the first underwater video, set to Jazz.

ColdFusion Admin Site

This site Offers clients of an Association Law Firm to view the activities and statistical data of the firm's handling of their collections. To allow for this level of transparency, the programming needs to query the company's huge SQL database in real-time.


Our Work

The best way to showcase our work. I mean your work.

Videos from Florida's authoritative information site on Obamacare

Home page of EvictionsPRO.com


Lead Generation -- CherryPickedLeads.com

The Bean Co. offers extensive product integration with Oracle®

Transparency as shown in carousel format -- webwaresystemsinc.com

Image suggesting the unrestricted growth potential of an organization that uses Hyperion Planning using Oracle.

Mandala 8 group, Boston, Circa 1979 -- albumcover back -- The Notion of Obstacle

One of 12 Hyperion Planning and Business Intelligence Planning options available through Oracle. -- TheBean.co

Lychees cluster, ripe and ready to be picked

Dancewear from latin collection of Miari.us

Entry Masterpiece An all tropical exotic landscaping project with no grass and an impressive collection of exotic tropical foliage.

CollectionsProMaster Makes it Easy

A prime example of exquisite landscaping.

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney


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