John Leaman

This project deserved LA Interactive's special attention. John Leaman is an underrated and fairly unknown jazz musician. In reality, his music and mystique have been severely retarded by the lack of a public facing website and some "guerilla" marketing.

LA Interctive set out to build a truly dynamic, beautiful and responsive website that would showcase John's music and project his image as a fine musician.

We incorporated videos and music clips to achieve this objective, including several underwater videos set to his hauting instrumentals.

There is a gallery of images that date back to an earlier John from 1979 through his latest album, "Under the Influence".

John produces, composes and writes the lyrics to all of his music.


Stunning black on white design with colorful imagery.

  • Skills : Twitter Bootstrap, ColdFusion, JS, CSS3
  • Client: John Leaman
  • Project URL: Coming Soon
Website of John Leaman