The owners of this site wanted an e-commerce site for DIY evictions. While several large companies out there provided this service, none of them went beyond the simple 3 or 5 day evictions letter. Webware systems Inc., the owners, wanted to go much further, e.g. into the murky, legal waters of the evictions summons, complaint and judgement.

User Interface

LA Interactive introduced a wizard approach, where the landlord would answer simple questions in order to complete the fields of each of the forms. Contextual help related to each question was provided with the click of a button. The result was a simple user interface and an intuitive user experience for a very complicated legal process.

Document Assembly

One of the significant problems was to create legally valid documents from information provided in forms. There was the problem of 'Cancel', 'Go Back' and 'Save for Later' to further complicate matters. LA Interactive provided a nifty view-as-you-go approch by generating the document in real-time as HTML in an iFrame, using ColdFusion. The document was watermarked and protected against hacking with Javascript. At checkout time, the document was converted to PDF for user access.

  • Skills : ColdFusion, JS, CSS3
  • Client: Webware systems Incorporated
  • Project URL: evictionspro.com