Webware systems Incorporated

Webwaresystemsinc.com was developed with one purpose in mind ... to make the legal association law business aware of what Chapnick Association Law already knew. Mike chapnick's firm had worked for years perfecting a total management system for Association Law and Collections.

It was the intent of the owner to advertise his web-based management software to other association law firms that struggled with outdated and ineffective software, if any at all.

This site is his attempt to do just that and it is indeed a testimonial to the softwware that Mike was trying to sell on a subscription basis. It encompassed outstanding marketing material that brought out the best features of its target product. Additionally, the site provided a sneak preview into the Portal component of his software, where visitors really obtained a good look and feel.

To date, Mike has gained the interest of several law firms and is in negotiations to launch his flagship product, CollectionsPro to one firm in Arizona.


Stunning black on white design with colorful imagery.

  • Skills : Twitter Bootstrap, ColdFusion, JS, CSS3
  • Client: Chapnick Community Law Association, P.A.
  • Project URL: www.webwaresystemsinc.com
Webware systems Inc.